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LOPSTOCK will be combined with the Original 1950s Boogie Kings finale this year on May 24, 2015 at La Chateau de memoirs in Eunice. This may NOT be the last LOPSTOCK. That decision is up to Lapin. My bet is when the time comes around, Lop, Bert, and I will be ready to jam again. I already know that Rene' wants to keep the tradition going with her Boogie Kings. I hope it continues to be the same musicians in the current band. Speaking of which, the only changes in the current band are the drummer, guitarist, one saxophonist, and vocalist. Currently her primary vocalist are Everett Brady and Parker James, a.k.a Jamie Dee. These are two of the best musicians that have ever played with the Boogie Kings. I know you will love 'em.

The Boogie Kings are:
Bert Miller - Vocals and Drums
Allen Wayne - Vocals
Doug Ardoin - Guitar and Vocals
Bryan Leger - Keyboard
Bill LeBlanc - Bass and Sound
Ozzie Hart - Drums
Jim Darnell - Sax
Sid Janise - Sax
Earl Taylor - Sax
Dub Dugas - Trumpet

Charter members of LOPSTOCK are always invited. They are:
Tommy Richard - Guitar
Willie Tee - Vocals and Sax
Byron Launey - Sax
Skip Steward - Vocals
Mark Kline - Vocals

>>>Contact the Band Leader<<<
Doug Ardoin (281-480-2929)

Webmeister: C. Mac Jones